About Us

batū isn’t just an outdoor clothing brand; it’s a brand built to inspire you…to seek adventure, to find your true passion, to be part of something that is changing lives.

We all face challenges every day. As a brand, we want to motivate and encourage. You’re not alone. We are here, we are family, we are a movement. GO. BE BRAVE. 

Our founder, Brandon Batt, started this company to help others accomplish the unimaginable. He wanted to build a company that was more than clothing; he wanted to build a home––a home where those who work hard and consider themselves underdogs can thrive. A home that makes good people great!

Why batū?

In August 2018, the Batu caves in Malaysia were painted in beautiful colors. If you look closely, you can see the colors of the steps reflected in the background of our logo design.


In Malaysia, the tiger symbolizes bravery and strength. We want to create a call to action. To GO and do the impossible, to GO and never give up, to GO and conquer your fears. To GO. BE BRAVE.